━  a petite
styling house.

drift. is a petite styling house specializing in art direction, identity design and intimate gatherings. 

Once vibrant and bold, when dried, flowers transcends into a new emotive palette. They produce a renewed eternal presence, a gentle purpose. Captivated by this metamorphosis, drift. is an ode to the tones of romance, the gathering of beauty, and the natural ebb and flow of each moment.


art direction. 

with deep roots in design and brand development, we understand the heartbeat of a brand lives within each image and unspoken word. 

prop styling.

using the principles of art direction and composition, we create visual narratives that showcase  a curated aesthetic. Through the use of our own prop closet, we gather, arrange, and compose a combination of pieces and materials to create images, displays, and decor.  

dried florals
using an array of wild and traditional floral, we dry and preserve flowers and foliage for use in prop styling and intimate gatherings that are both seasonal and evergreen.

intimate gatherings
mindful living calls for intimate gatherings rooted in observation and beauty. our gatherings bring art direction, prop styling and dried florals together to create a thoughtful experience that provides a natural ease to our hosts and guests.